Reflect I by Haley Farris, 16x20

Reflect I by Haley Farris, 16x20

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"Reflect I" is an abstract landscape on canvas in a gold floater frame by Haley Farris.

Dimensions: 20” wide x 16” high

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Born, raised, and currently living in the Mississippi Delta, Haley started her painting career as a side business in 2012, while helping friends and clients decorate their homes. Being creative and artistic has always come naturally to her and so she gradually began to study different mediums and styles of painting as she continued to work and create custom pieces for clients. She also had her own pottery line!  By 2014 she decided that painting was her passion and began a full-time career as an artist and it has been an amazing journey! 

Haley’s pieces exhibit a balance of color and texture, covered in acrylics, oil pastels, and watercolors. The use of these mediums allows her to create art that is both peaceful and powerful in abstract and landscape design. She is inspired daily by her surroundings and view at home, and by various designers’ work. Her vision has always remained consistent – to complement your space with timeless, original artwork that delivers personality and tranquility.

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