Helleborus Study No. 5 by Margaret Brock, 22x28

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"Helleborus Study No. 5“ is an oil pencil drawing on paper by Margaret Brock.

Dimensions: 22” wide x 28” high

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Margaret Brock is an artist from Richmond, Virginia. She is a graduate of St. Catherine’s School and Washington and Lee University, where she first began exploring her talents as an artist. She studied in Florence during her time there, learning to infuse her subjects with energy and light while also portraying with fine precision their most delicate features.

Margaret is particularly adept at portraiture but she also enjoys the freedom of expression in large abstracts in oil, acrylic and watercolor inks. She has an extensive portfolio of commissioned works in landscapes, some featuring horses or cattle, as well as moody sky and seascapes and river scenes.

Featured here are botanical drawings using oil pencils on paper. She brings an artist’s appreciation for the subtle movement, grace and color variations found in nature’s quiet, brilliant moments. These Helleborus flowers of a rich, vernal green capture the ineffable magic of spring. The languid strokes and softness of texture invite the viewer into her work. 

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