Fruit Study in Sage by Emily Pullin, 30x40

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"Fruit Study in Sage" is a mixed media painting on gallery-wrapped canvas by Emily Pullin.

Dimensions: 40" wide x 30" high

This piece is final sale.

Shipping is included. 

As an artist, Emily works primarily in acrylic and mixed media – collage, china marker, graphite and oil pastel. She has always been drawn to the contrast created between architectural lines and shapes and the more organic flow of our natural surroundings. In her work, she strives to create a balance of rigid lines among layers of loose marks and color. Every piece is a raw and authentic expression of her thought and emotion – her experiences. Her most recent work is a strong reflection of memories and experiences with her late dad  their travels together, childhood memories and his (their) music. Each layer is a snapshot of thought and dictates the next. Emily's work tells her story, her hope is that the viewer can find their own story embedded within a given piece.  

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