Under the Sea by Grace Pinotti, 36x48

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"Under the Sea" is an oil painting on canvas by Grace Pinotti. This painting is framed in a natural wood floater frame with a waxed finish.


  • Artwork: 48" wide x 36" high
  • Frame: 49" wide x 37" high

This piece is final sale.

Shipping is included. 

As an artist, Grace expresses her feelings and life experiences through her paintings. Having lived in different continents and countries around the world, each place added a new layer to her personality and created the need for constant movement. She works with many layers of oil paint on canvas using a palette knife and brush, creating a texture that exudes a sense of motion. Lines represent determination and the willingness to move forward despite challenges. A new beginning, a moment of growth, her ability to rise above adversity, and her willingness to connect with the unknown, discover new realities, and connect with other parts of the world and their people. Circles symbolize the energy coursing through her, an inner spiritual force propelling her forward to confront new challenges, learn, grow, and transform. Through her work,Grace aims to share a positive and inspirational message with her audience, one of love, hope, and the unwavering ability to embrace positivity in every circumstance.

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