Mornings with Mika by Lucy Mim, 36x36

Mornings with Mika by Lucy Mim, 36x36

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"Mornings with Mika" is an acrylic painting on canvas in a gold floater frame by Lucy Mim.


  • Artwork: 36" wide x 36" high
  • Frame: 37.5" wide x 37.5" high

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Miriam Karwath, known as ‘Lucy Mim’ is an abstract artist living in Newcastle, Australia where she has called home the last twelve years. Miriam grew up in Indianapolis, Indiana and is from the south of Georgia. Miriam often paints about the fond memories and joyful experiences she has from her childhood. Miriam has a degree in Science and Psychology and has completed further studies in Art Therapy. As a self-taught artist, Miriam employs acrylics as her primary medium and imbues each of her creations with a reflective process. Her artwork is heavily influenced by nature and its ever-changing and expressionistic formations. Miriam’s ability to evoke emotion in each artwork is a moment in time that has been captured and brought to life. Art, for her, is creating something beautiful and peaceful for others to love and enjoy in their homes.

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